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"Inspired by nature, driven by powerful women"

Lune Active is an athleisure brand committed to creating collections that blur the lines between sportswear and daywear. The items are characterized by the perfect balance between shaping activewear and fashion-forward pieces. Founded by Ashley Samwel and Lisa de Vries, with the goal to bring collections that balance technical innovation and iconic design to fit the active lifestyle of today’s sophisticated and conscious woman.

In our design philosophy, individuality is embraced, creativity is encouraged, and we strive to create the highest quality athleisure wear that compliments your daily routine. The designs revolve around creating a modern uniform, including clean lines and soft shapes.

Anytime, anywhere

At Lune Active, Mother Nature inspires, and because of this the company goal is to minimalize the carbon footprint. This goes beyond creating clothing that is made from organic, recycled, or other conscious materials. It’s about the complete process, which starts with the working at the factories, and ends with the packaging and logistics. In addition to this, the dying processes are fully certified, which involves no unnecessary chemicals.

Besides thinking of producing sustainable collections, we also aspire building long-term relationships. We want our women to enjoy the clothing for a long period of time, and passionately define our quality standards for our pieces to wear them well and often.

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